Every Great Castle is Built on a Strong Foundation!


Yeah, I went there. The body is a castle. It’s our fortress. For it to withstand the demands of life, it needs a strong foundation. There is no getting away from it, the legs are the base of strength and neglecting them is not an option! Here’s my leg workout from last night:


Hack Squat 5×12

Leg Extensions 5×8-15

Dumbbell Squat 10×4

Seated Leg Curls 4×10

30 seconds or less rest in between sets, and 30 minutes stretching after workout. 

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New Workout Plan!


Summer is coming, and it is time to kick into gear! I have relaxed way too much this winter, and used most of my energies to writing these first two GymMutt Fitness iBooks, and now it is time to double down on my own workout. My goal is pack on the muscle, and shred up. Below is a rough outline of my weekly split. Each line is a separate session. Each day, a double workout. Its serious game on now. More on specific exercises and daily workouts will be posted here as I go, so check back for more details on reps and super sets! Meal plan will be the usual bodybuilder cookbook: fresh, fresh, and lots of meat, whey, and casein. Creatine will be a major feature in my diet, as well. I suspect I will be taking in roughly 5,000-7,000 calories a day. Typically I aim for no less than 4,800 calories for a single split routine, but I’m going for doubles. So no time to be shy! 

Massive Hypertrophy Weekly Double Split

Chest/ Shoulders
Traps/ Triceps
Legs= Hamstrings and Quads
Biceps/ Forearms
Back/ Traps
Biceps/ Triceps
- Abs/ Neck/ Forearms

Eat Breakfast, Lose Weight!


Awesome awesome awesome! That’s all I can really say here! Here is a great breakfast idea. Super easy to make, and tastes even better.

Originally posted on My Fitness Tips and Travel Diary:

Thinking of skipping breakfast today? Not such a good idea!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! We all know that. But why is it the most important meal of the day and how can it boost weight loss? Read on!


For about 7-8 hours at night while you are sleeping, your body goes into a mild fasting state. Your breathing and heart rate slow down. You’re resting and so the body’s metabolism automatically slows down. You’re not burning as much energy as you do we you are active during the day. Of course, since you are resting, your body doesn’t need all that much energy to sustain itself. The body is still functioning which means that all the vital organs of your body are doing their crucial work even while you are asleep! Everything is happening at a slower pace. Just the way it should be! But what happens…

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GymMutt Fitness 5 Easy Steps to Losing Weight


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GymMutt Fitness 5 Easy Steps to Losing Weight

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