Vertical Garden!

Live in a city? Live in a tight nit community and don’t have the space for a sprawling garden to grow your own food? No sweat! Just build upward!

In this video, you will learn how easy it is to build your own vertical garden using an old wooden pallet. Not only will you be growing your own veggies and herbs in no time, but you will also be recycling! How bout that? Here we go.

Recipe: Low Carb Pizza with a Cauliflower Base


I freakin’ love cauliflower crust pizza. Try this recipe out!

Originally posted on Healthy Living Blog:

On a weekend my boyfriend and I would usually treat ourselves to something naughty like a pizza takeaway or a curry. However, last night I decided I would make us a healthier low carb pizza alternative – and I felt much better for it!

Pizzas are usually loaded with carbs and hydrogenated fats – not too great for the waistline! But this healthier version cut the total calories to around 300 – better than 1000 empty calories.

Ingredients: cauliflower, 1 egg, oregano, basil, mozzarella, tomatoes, olives, red onion and garlic.

Recipe: blend the cauliflower in a food processor until the cauliflower is like grain.

Microwave for around 5-6 minutes to get the water out of it. Mix the cauliflower, egg, grated mozzarella, garlic and herbs in a bowl and evenly spread in a baking tray. Put the tray in the oven for 20 minutes. It should look like this:



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Taking Back Your Workout



After weeks or even months since your last workout, it can seem as though you will never get it back. Say, even if you hit the gym once, an honest attempt to reclaim your progress, the feeling won’t be there and you will be discouraged. This is where so many have fallen off the path to better health and strength. The belief they can do it is GONE. All the hard work and dedication has been washed away and never to be seen again.

I don’t quite fall under those trappings of self doubt, but I use to. Years ago in my first flirtation with weight lifting, I would easily be discouraged by any strength loss resulting from a few weeks off the routine. It took time, but I realized my progress hadn’t been lost. My body didn’t forget how to lift this or lift that. Simply, the muscle tissue stopped holding so much water while I was off. The body does this to save on energy, and gear up energy use for more productive things. But after a break like my most recent one… of a couple or so months, motor neurons can become fewer, resulting a very lack luster sensation at the gym. The mind-muscle connection is gone. But you know, motor neurons only need a day to reconnect, and after a couple days hitting the weights, the pump and thrill is back.

Whenever there is self doubt, remember that there is also science. Just because you BELIVE you shouldn’t be able to lift that weight or run that course like you did months ago, doesn’t mean science is on the same page. Give it a shot. You just might surprise yourself.

5 reasons your workout should match your lifestyle


I completely agree with this statement as a personal trainer and coach. The best training is one that matches with how you use your body outside the gym. Great post!

Originally posted on motus virtute:

Fitness writers, whether they are professionals or amateurs (such as me), enthusiasts or internet gurus, have been telling people how to train, and why they should workout the way they/we say in complete disregard to their lifestyle. To add more to the confusion, they’ll not only tell you how to train, but will offer a myriad of exercises that can (and should) take your brain into meltdown.

I’m calling bullshit.

I do, even though I tell people how they should train as well, giving them ample reasons as to why. Is this wrong? Not necessarily. Are you going to fail reaching your goals? Probably not. Why? Most things will and should work, as long as you know what and why you’re doing them and you keep all other things in context.

Why your training should meet your lifestyle

1. You’ll have fun

I think this is self explained. You’re not a pro, and seriously, doing something that…

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Rookie Mistakes: The Squat

Originally posted on PushUP24:

Beth Bischoff
Lee Boyce, C.P.T.
Rookie Mistakes
Check your squat form to watch your numbers rise.
Avoid rookie mistakes for perfect squat technique

It’s easy to think you’re doing the right thing in the gym, but you may be dropping the ball. Certain exercises are more technically demanding than others, and learning their major cues once may not cut it in the grand scheme of things. Getting “comfortable” with certain movements can sometimes allow a lifter to “slip” into form that’s less than perfect. Not to worry, we’ve got your back. The Rookie Mistakes series serves as a call to action for lifters of all experience levels to practice perfect form on the road to achieving fitness success.

The 15 Most Important Exercises for Men >>>

Before the Rookie Mistakes series comes to a close, we’re putting the king of lower-body exercises—the squat—under the spotlight. The barbell back squat trains every muscle group, not just the…

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Gym Entry #1: Back Day!



Gym Entry #1

Back Routine:

Dual Lat Pull Down-

For this exercise, I focused on achieving full contraction and held each rep for 3 seconds each. Doing this not only achieves higher contraction, but also goes a very long way to growing a higher rate of motor neuron connectivity. Doing this promotes far more growth of muscle than doing 100 reps with no hold. I also sat reverse from the cable machine, to target more of the upper lats. In bodybuilding, this position is best affiliated with the rear double bicep pose where the upper lats are squeezed.

5×8-10 with 3 second hold each rep

Reverse Grip Bent Over Barbell Row-

Now, for years I have done bent over rows with hands over the bar. This has always resulted in a strong back, and some great definition and size. However, my lower lats are still too high. So, to bring those lats down more, and create even more size WITH definition, I opted to try the reverse grip. I must say, this really changed the exercise! For one, reversing your grip on the bar limits the range of motion. Rather than being a negative, this limit actually ENHANCES the exercise! There was 100 times more contraction as the weight held constant tension, and the squeeze at the top was complete. I usually do about 185ibs to 315ibs on this exercise with hands over, but with reverse grip, or supine grip, I only did 125ibs for higher reps. I’m going for size, and not maximum one rep record breaking! Incredible exercise, and I highly, highly recommend you try it out!

4×8-12 with complete hold on top and slow on negative

T- Bar Row-

This exercise is for lowering the lats and creating thickness in the back. Primarily, it works the middle back, but also works all other muscles of the back, as well as, the biceps. An incredible exercise, this one does not require a lot of weight to be effective! Focus on the full squeeze and range of each rep and REAP THE BENEFITS! This is personally one of my favorite back exercises, and you most definitely should give it a try.

5×8-10 hold on top 2 seconds and slow on the negative

Wide Grip Lat Pull Down-

Normally I would perform this exercise with the standard cable pull, but my gym recently gained a newer free weight machine that I had to try. Nothing wrong with experimenting with new equipment! So this machine moves with the body. Some of you are probably familiar with these. Rather than being stationary, they allow for fuller contraction by allowing the seat move with the user. So I hopped on, and gave it a go. IM GLAD I DID! All my doubts were tossed out the window, my friends. I started slow, light, and focused on full contracting with really slow negatives. Then I had to break this machine in with some heavier weight! blasted with two plates each side, 2 or 3 second hold on the squeeze for each rep, and a brutal 5 second hold on the final rep of each set. REALLY CRUSHED IT! Since the feel of the machine allowed for fuller contraction, I switched things up a bit. First 5 or so reps I would do short range, full tension, slower reps, then switched to normal pace and normal range reps for the final count. This really got down to those fibers that are normally neglected by standard pull downs, and go a long way to creating size and definition.


And that was my back workout for the weekend. I normally do one arm dumbbell rows, but this particular night, I really wanted to go for the full squeeze and try some new techniques out. If you want more tips or questions on your current routine or want help structuring one out, contact me!

For more tips and exercises, check out my iBook: GymMutt Fitness 5 Easy Steps to Losing Weight

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